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The Pelotonia kids donations page is linked here. 100% of all donations go to pelotonia and are used to fund innovative and life saving cancer research at the james. donations are tax deductible when made through the pelotonia website.

Alternatively, you may donate via venmo @pelotoniakids 


Pelotonia Kids is an event organized by Sarah Jane & Paul Germain and Joe & Jill Apgar.

"As parents of young kids who love pelotonia and their mission, we felt it was a great way to engage a younger generation of riders and let them have an opportunity to participate."

Pelotonia kids is not an official activation of Pelotonia, but is being run with the blessing and support of the Pelotonia team. As President of Pelotonia Joe Apgar has helped facilitate access to many elements of the ride activation to make the kids day the ride feel as close to the adult ride as possible.


 we are so grateful for The apgar's participation and support to make this a great community event supporting a cause neat and dear to us all!

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